Public Procedures special counsel Anita D. Stearns Mayo creates: “This past year, the location and state of SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA made it more challenging and costly to execute business in the location when it transformed the lobbying laws and enacted new permit consulting and developer disclosures regulations. Because of this, more people executing business in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA must enroll as a lobbyist and/or permit expert. Furthermore, all designers of major assignments who must record environmental impact information are at the mercy of new subscription and reporting requirements. Failing to adhere to these laws and regulations can bring about fines of $5,000 per violation and other fines.

“Within the last year or two, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA has captivated new businesses to metropolis which has led to the creation of new careers. This pattern may soon invert itself when businesses grasp the financial implications of lawful restrictions which create major burdens on conducting business, including the lobbying, permit consulting, and developer disclosures regulations.”