Google Shuts Down Business Profile Websites

Mar 18, 2024

Has Google Shut Down Your Business Profile Website? Don’t Panic! Here’s What You Need to Know.

As of March 1, 2024, Google has been shutting down websites created through the Google Business Profile feature. Here’s the official announcement from Google:

Starting from March 1, 2024, customers will be redirected to your Business Profiles when they visit these websites. In the past you’ve used a Google feature to make simple websites from the information on your Business Profiles. This feature is going away in the coming months and will no longer be supported, meaning the sites you created with this tool will be removed. To help with the transition, starting March 1, 2024, customers will be redirected to your Business Profiles. On your profiles you can showcase similar information about your business, and also add social media links so customers can learn more. Your websites will redirect customers until June 10, 2024, after which they will show as unavailable.

Why This Matters:

This change highlights the importance of owning your online presence. As Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) aptly tweeted:

“Another great example of why you should own and not rent. The platform you rent from could turn off your site, page, or profile, whenever they want.”

What Now? Here are some options to consider

1. If you’re looking for a quick and free solution, consider building a website using Google Sites.

Other free website builder services like Wix or Blogger offer accessible optiont to create a basic free website. However, keep in mind limitations like limited customization and branding options. Consider using a custom domain name even with a free website for a more professional look.

Interested in setting up your own free Google Site in place of your previous one? Follow our easy tutorial to get started.

2. Create a Dedicated Website: Investing in a dedicated website offers significant benefits:

  • Greater Control & Customization: Tailor your website to perfectly reflect your brand and target audience.
  • Enhanced SEO & Visibility: Optimize your website for search engines to attract organic traffic.
  • Capture Customer Data: Build email lists and track website analytics for better marketing strategies.
  • Increased Brand Trust: A professional website establishes authority and credibility in your industry.

Once set up, owning a dedicated website doesn’t have to be costly, being as little as R50 monthly for file hosting and R89 annually for domain registration.

Next Step: Take Action!

Get your new website set up

  • A free website: We recommend trying a free website builder like Google Sites (click here for our tutorial).
  • Your own dedicated website: Rebel Zoom Digital offers website design and development services to create a professional website tailored to your needs. (Check out our service packages below!)

Update old links

  1. Update your Google Business Profile: As of the start of March 2024, domains ending with “” have been removed from the website field on your Business Profile.
    Update your Google Business Profile to point to your website so that customers know how to get more informaiton about you.
  2. Update Existing Ads: If you have social media or Google Ads campaigns linked to your Google Business Profile website or old website, update them with your new website address as soon as possible to avoid campaign disruptions.
  3. Update any links on social media, emails, etc to point to your new website domain address.

Next Steps

Don’t let your online presence disappear!
Here’s how Rebel Zoom Digital can help:

  • Free Video Tutorial: Get a free video guide on setting up your own Google Site website.
  • Managed Google Site Setup: We’ll handle building your Google Site for you for R2500 once-off.
  • Professional Website Design: Invest in a custom website starting from R5000.
  • 5-Page Website Package: Get a complete website with hosting and domain registration for a year – R10000.