What we can learn from Jabari Hearn, Global Integrated Marketing Director at Google, and his insights in to what makes for good digital marketing campaigns.

Watch now: Inside Google Marketing: Launching Pixel 3 with Jabari Hearn

In this video, Hearns’ words about what his team’s job is, is a great reminder of the core of what marketing really is: to tell great stories.

So often as marketers, and business owners with a vested interest in marketing our brand, it is so easy to get lost in focusing only on the number of leads and sales coming in. It’s easy to forget that a huge part of getting those leads in is telling a compelling story about whatever you’re trying to market.

He reminds us that at the core of driving demand, is driving desire.

So the real question of marketing should first be “How can I drive desire?” and only then do we ask, how can we drive more leads and/ or sales.