Anthea May

SEO Audit Portfolio

Xlife – now Comparing Expert

Xlife was rebranding to Comparing Expert. 

I served as the SEO specialist charged with facilitating the site migration with a focus on ensuring current rankings were maintained and improved.

This involved restructuring and reforatting the page URLs, as well as developing logical topical silo architecture. Analyting and idenfitying top performing content, and optimizing underperforming content.

Designed the new website brand identity and logo (still in use).

Primary Audit Keywords:

  • Life insurance Australia
  • Health insurance Australia
  • Home loans Australia

Haute grandeur

Haute Grandeur is the Emmy of the hospitality industry awards, recognizing outstanding hotels, spas and restaurants from around the world, and presenting them with the prestigious Haute Grandeur Global Awards stamp of approval.

This SEO audit sought to investigate the lead gen opportunities within the industry for Haute Grandeur within search, as well as to analyze what might be learnt from other industry leading awards initiatives. 


GVI, or Global Vision International, is based in Cape Town and works on sustainable development projects around the world, facilitating paid volunteer programs for people who want to make a difference to places in need. 

The owner of GVI was keen to discuss how to optimize the site layout and content organization for better navigation and SEO. At the time of this SEO audit, GVI had several separate websites (.org,, which they wanted to combine into a single site. SEO was their main source of new leads and so content also needed to be optimized for boosted conversions and better rankings. 

Note: the audio on this remaining version of the audit is regrettably without sound. 

Featured Previous Work with Haute Grandeur:


Altgen was a recruitment, HR management and consulting firm hiring professionals specializing in sustainable energy and sustainability. At the time of this audit, Altgen was seeking to become more visible in their market. Their target goal was two-fold: attract more top talent for their clients, and attract more clients seeking talent.

This SEO audit focused on opportunities and challenges within the hiring niche relating specifically to sustainability, which included both engineering and management in both South Africa and abroad.

Cookie Works

Primary Audit Keywords:

  • franchise
  • protein bars
  • high in protein
  • freshly baked cookies
  • baked snack bars