Doing business in Memphis, TN

Tennessee’s business visionaries are gladdened by the general low taxation rate they confront, an outstanding typical cost for basic items, and simple access to different expansive markets and roadway halls. Among these significant open doors, business people additionally report ease when managing state and neighborhood governments, and additionally a strong group of business visionaries and advancement associations to swing too for guidance.

Memphis and Nashville are two expansive urban communities that are likewise monstrous draws for a vacationer economy. The two urban areas are around 3.5 times bigger than the third biggest city of Knoxville, and every ha a rich culture encompassing Tennessee’s well-known music scene and the amazing rock and move to originate from the state. Music City and the Bluff City are around 200 miles separated from each other; Memphis is situated in the southwest corner of the state while Nashville deceives the upper east, in the focal point of the state. Knoxville is arranged toward the east of Nashville. This implies essentially wherever you are in Tennessee, a huge market is at most a couple of hours away.


Chamber of commerce

The Memphis chamber of commerce is a local business network whose goal is to help expand the interests of businesses in and around the city. It is a non-governmental institution and as such has no direct role in the writing and passing of regulations which impact businesses. However, the chamber does have the power to lobby so that they can get laws passed that are favorable to businesses.

Companies join this society to advocate on behalf of the business community. Members are local businesses which vote in either a board of directors or an executive council which sets the policies for the chamber.

The President, CEO or Executive Director is hired by the council or board, along with an appropriately sized staff which is charged with running the organization.

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BNI in Memphis

BNI stands for Business Network International and is a business networking organization with over 220000 members globally.
Their vision statement is “Changing the way the world does business” and their mission is “to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.”

Joining the BNI Memphis Premier chapter costs $500 annually.

Meeting Details:

The BNI Memphis group currently has 22 members and meets on Wednesday at 7:30 am at Jason’s Deli, 3473 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38111.

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Memphis Meetup

Meetups can be used by individuals to organize offline gatherings of like-minded individuals for a common purpose, such as networking. Meetups can be used by firms to organize and/or participate in Meetups to engage current customers and/or potential customers in a much more significant manner than a simple Like or Follow. Because you will actually be meeting customers, target consumers and/or influencers in person, the brand impression you leave will be deeper and personal. You can use Meetups to gain consumer, product and brand insights, as well as increase your real-world visibility. You can also use them to launch products, hold training (which can strengthen brand loyalty), increase brand awareness through CSR events and other branded events, and generate sales leads. Profiles on can also enhance your online visibility in search results.

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Prime meeting locations

The Peabody Memphis

Peabody history goes back to 1869 and when the first Peabody Hotel opened at the intersection of Main and Monroe and promptly turned into the social and business center point of Memphis. In 1925 a fresher, more amazing Peabody was worked at its present area at Union and underwayreet proceeding with the inheritance of the “South’s Grand Hotel.” It was 1933 when ducks were initially put in the inn’s hall wellspring, getting underway an 80-year custom that proceeds with today with the March of the Peabody Ducks. The Peabody name has turned out to be synonymous with the 5 North American mallard ducks that are presently the living image of the Peabody mark.

The organization that breathed life into The Peabody back when they acquired the lodging is Belz Enterprises, a profoundly fruitful, multifaceted land advancement and administration firm situated in Memphis, Tennessee. Beginning as one of the biggest Holiday Inn franchises in the business and after that proceeding onward to full-benefit lavish inns, Belz Enterprises has a long-standing history of the inn business.

Most as of late, Belz Enterprises has set up Peabody Hotels and Resorts, an inn and resort administration wander that will use the continuous Peabody mark achievement. Peabody Hotels and Resorts gives answers for raising brand mindfulness and expanding monetary execution by means of its long-standing convention of giving extraordinary lodging encounters and making recollections that endure forever. Unbelievable, enchanting, exquisite, and excellent are only a couple of words that depict what separates Peabody Hotels from other lodging brands.

Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar – Memphis

Flight restaurant & Wine Bar is one of the best restaurants in Memphis. This is also a good location to have business meetings while enjoying their good fine and dine.