Doing business in Columbus, OH

The geographic area of Columbus, Ohio and the monetary decent variety make the city a perfect area for business tasks. Decent variety is the thing that makes the city solid. Columbus is a city that is about business, yet it is additionally a dynamic city loaded with Broadway shows, satire, and unrecorded music. Significant industry segments incorporate back, social insurance, assembling, protection and data innovation. The city offers a want to help organizations with extensions, maintenances, and movements, a steady economy and an incredible area.

The numerous business meetings, organizing occasions and business associations in Columbus give a scene to find out about different business issues and make new business contacts. One of the primary business occasions in Columbus is the yearly Load Clambake, which attracts top pioneers business from around the district. This occasion is dependably a noteworthy chance to network and fabricate business associations. Other real business occasions incorporate biology and development summits, coordinations associations, holding ability meeting and classes on an assortment of business subjects. These business occasions are intended to draw in, learn and interface.


Chamber of commerce

The Columbus chamber of commerce is a local business network whose goal is to help expand the interests of businesses in and around the city. It is a non-governmental institution and as such has no direct role in the writing and passing of regulations which impact businesses. However, the chamber does have the power to lobby so that they can get laws passed that are favorable to businesses.

Companies join this society to advocate on behalf of the business community. Members are local businesses which vote in either a board of directors or an executive council which sets the policies for the chamber.

The President, CEO or Executive Director is hired by the council or board, along with an appropriately sized staff which is charged with running the organization.

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BNI in Columbus

BNI stands for Business Network International and is a business networking organization with over 220000 members globally.
Their vision statement is “Changing the way the world does business” and their mission is “to help members increase their business through a structured, positive, and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.”

Joining the BNI Columbus Premier chapter costs $500 annually.

Meeting Details:

The BNI Columbus group currently has 23 members and meets on Wednesday at 7:30 am at  Stockton Golf & Country Club, 3800 Country Club Stockton, CA, 95204.

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Columbus Meetup

Meetups can be used by individuals to organize offline gatherings of like-minded individuals for a common purpose, such as networking. Meetups can be used by firms to organize and/or participate in Meetups to engage current customers and/or potential customers in a much more significant manner than a simple Like or Follow. Because you will actually be meeting customers, target consumers and/or influencers in person, the brand impression you leave will be deeper and personal. You can use Meetups to gain consumer, product and brand insights, as well as increase your real-world visibility. You can also use them to launch products, hold training (which can strengthen brand loyalty), increase brand awareness through CSR events and other branded events, and generate sales leads. Profiles on can also enhance your online visibility in search results.

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Prime meeting locations

The Table

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Northstar Café

The Northstar Bistro includes a menu that is frequently privately sourced and constantly tasty. With three eateries around town, every area offers something marginally extraordinary to its clients. The High Road area has an incredible city buzz, however space can once in a while be restricted. The Beechwold eatery has substantial tables that can make for fabulous lunch meeting spaces (if, obviously, you catch a table before the lunch swarm outsmarts you). Furthermore, the Easton area brags the biggest area, with two entire floors of eating regions.